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A purple path to incarnate

November 16, 2011

Lately I have been playing my Warshade quite a bit – it has been emerging as one of the most fun archetypes I have played in City of Heroes. My favourite has been and may still be the Dominator (8 of them at max level), but the Warshade is definitely in 2nd place or perhaps even sharing the top spot.

Actually both the Warshade and Dominator are fun for similar reasons, although they are quite different. Both have areas where they are strong and areas where they are week, plus that they have a mode elevates some of their capabilities from strong to awesome. I find this mix of weak and strong parts quite appealing and it is a bit of a rush to kick them into awesome mode. For dominators this is their inherent Domination power, which elevates them from really good crowd controller to awesome crowd controller for 90 seconds.

For Warshades it is the Eclipse power, which has the potential to send the resistance to pretty much everything through the roof (if the power hits enough enemies), making the Warshade pretty much invulnerable to damage of different types, for 90 seconds. It also drains endurance of enemies, giving some of that to the Warshade. However, this power depends on enough enemies being next to the Warshade, plus that it has to be triggered in human form, which can be quite fragile.

By default Eclipse has a recharge time of 5 minutes, which one of course can reduce to about half of that with the appropriate enhancements. The Hasten power also helps reducing recharge times for Eclipse and other powers and the Invention system allows also crafting better enhancements allowing for example the recharge time to be reduced even further.

For Eclipse and many other Warshade powers, the more enemies the better

This is also a difference for me playing the Warshade – for the most part I have not really invested a lot into the invention system when leveling up a character. Mostly it has been limited to creating common IO enhancements from early 30s and onward, and perhaps start to look at various IO sets at or very close to level 50.

However, with my Warshade I started with IO sets already in early 30s and have done a bit more planning than usual for how to build up the character. After Eclipse, which one can pick at level 38, there is not really any new powers to choose from for a Warshade – all other archetypes except the Kheldians have “Epic” powerset options available to them also.

This has perhaps contributed to that reaching level 50 with the Warshade felt more like a minor bump on the road rather than a major milestone. He reached max level this past weekend (16th character at max level), but this just opened up the option to start gaining the incarnate abilities. Most of the time I have sort of taken a break from a character when it has reached max level, but not this time.

A bit of luck has also made him on of the richer characters I have at the moment – 3 purple (very rare) recipe drops this evening added about 1 billion inf when sold in the consignment house.

Since I have found the Warshade fun to play, I have also started to have a look at the other Kheldian, the Peacebringer. This one lives on the hero side, my Warshade is a villain. By changing him to a villain I did not get the opportunity to follow the Warshade-specific story arcs. With my Peacebringer I plan to follow the Kheldian-specific story arcs. They are good to play because some of the background and information for the Kheldians and their enemies are provided.

The work on improving my Warshade’s capabilities continues also – I am at the point where I could run Eclipse pretty much constantly. But since it depends on many enemies to be right next to you it is not a sure thing to trigger. Other improvements include increased accuracy as well as improved stun. With the start on the incarnate path has is also receiving boosts for recharge, heals and stuns as well as slow effects – which is precisely what is needed for a tri-form Warshade.

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