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From ADSL to 4G

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Today I switched my home network set-up to use 4G mobile broadband instead of my old ADSL modem set-up. So far it seems to be working quite well, so if there are no issues with it in the near future I will likely dump my old ADSL solution.

The ADSL modem has been an old faithful and for the most part worked quite well. However, the point of connection for the modem have had an unfortunate location, above a kitchen bench and away from any computer location. There has been a few different  workarounds/solutions to this, the latest being using power line network adapters to route the ADSL connection to a different room, where the router is located. One computer and the NAS is connected by cables to the router, while other equipment connects through wireless to the router.

The power line network adapters broke down recently, which led to a temporary workaround with long cables being used. Pretty much at the same time I did see a good offer for the 4G mobile broadband, so I picked that one up. I do not have to pay anything for the 4G modem and the monthly fee is for the initial 12 months about half of what I pay for the ADSL connection, then it goes up to almost as much.

But I also only pay for the phone line connection in order to have the ADSL modem connected Рonly mobiles phones are used to call. So if I can drop that it will save some money as well. The only potential downside here is that the 4G connection  has a limit of 100GB for a 30 day period, after that they will throttle down the speed Рwith my ADSL there is no limit. However, I do not expect to run into that limit. Even if they did I could certainly live witha slower speed for a bit.

For a 4G connection the actual tested speed was sort of ok (roughly 30 Mbit/s download speed and 15Mbit/s upload speed), but still better than the theoretical limit of my ASDL modem, which is 24Mbit/s download and 1 Mbit/s upload.

Watching streamed TV/video on my Asus Transformer also worked better and smoother now also through the wireless connection, which was a bit so-and-so before.

Remains to be seen if it continues to work well, but I hope so – it will simplify the casa Sente home network set-up.

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