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Waiting for DCUO

November 4, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday I decided that I should give DC Universe Online a spin on my PS3, since it did not require a subscription anymore. So I fired up the PS3 and picked DCUO from the Playstation Store – a 122 MB download.

This was just the start of course; it downloaded another 120:ish MB of client update and then when the game started it were checking its assets. Harddisk full was the message then and that it required an additional 9 GB of disk space.  After looking through what I had installed it was not really that much removeable stuff space except some movie data from Yoostar2.

I realized that I did not remember how large the disk in the PS3 was in the first place. Checking in the System Information reported 37GB disk space, with 12 GB free. A bit small harddisk – new PS3:s seem to have a 320GB harddisk nowadays.

Luckily it is pretty easy to replace the hard disk in the PS3, so I bought a cheap 640 GB hard disk and backed up the existing content to a USB drive. Replaced the hard disk in the PS3 and restored the backup to the new disk. For some reason it reported that it had used twice the size of the old hard disk after restoration – perhaps there is a certain percentage of reserved space it uses on a disk for the system itself?

Anyway, now the disk has more than 500 GB free and DCUO was happy to continue downloading 14+ GB worth of assets. The download speed is quite slow through, so I expect it to be done tomorrow morning or possibly sometime in the middle of the night.

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