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The shapeshifting necromancer

October 16, 2011 4 comments

One of the more intriguing archetypes in City of Heroes is one of the Kheldian archetypes – the Warshade. I have played a Warshade now to mid-30s and I must say I really like this archetype, although it has not been an easy road. But when it works out it is a really great and fun one to play!

The Warshade, along with its companion archetype the Peacebringer, are both Kheldians. Kheldians are beings of energy with no physical form, but they can be bound together with a host and form a symbiosis relationship – extending their own lifespan (which is short in unbound form) and providing the host with additional powers.  Once a Kheldian have been bound with a host, they can change to the form of that host, even though they may have moved on to a different host. While Kheldians are bound to a host they do not really age and can reportedly live for 1000s of years.

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Techie fun on rails

October 14, 2011 2 comments

This is not game stuff, but if you are a techie you might find this fun. Otherwise just skip it until next post đŸ˜‰

If you are a techie you might have heard of or worked with Ruby on Rails, a popular framework for building web solutions. The original creator of Ruby on Rails is David Heinemeier Hansson.

Apparently the company Groupon, which use Ruby on Rails, were looking for more talents to work with that. A recruiter from the company, most likely without knowing much about Ruby on Rails, contacted Mr Hansson for an opportunity.

I found that quite hilarious.

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Street Justice and Magisto

October 6, 2011 1 comment

This week Paragon Studios released a new powerset, Street Justice. This is a quite nice powerset with a kind of brawler type fighting style – animations and sound effects works quite well and there is neat combo mechanic with the powerset also.

Essentially you build up combo points with some of the powers and uses others as finishers to release extra damage and other secondary effects. There are 3 combo levels to build up through, so it is quite quick to build up and release. Paragon Studios’ lead powerset Designer, Phil “Synapse” Zeleski has a post on the game’s website about the powerset. Synapse is one of the veterans in the Paragon Studios dev team and seems to be quite an enthusiast also – during beta he logged to the game and chatted with players even in the weekends when probably was off-duty.

I played a Street Justice/Willpower brute almost to level 30 in closed beta and quite enjoyed that. Willpower is a neat secondary powerset also, which certainly contributed to the enjoyment. But I am not a typical Brute player, most of my attempts with brutes have ended up that got bored with them in the 20s. That was before inherent fitness and such though.

In closed beta I did a video capture of a mission I played with my brute, the final mission in the story arc from Vincent Ross, where you beat up an army of Legacy Chain attackers, plus a couple of superheroes in the end. The whole mission is a long string of ambushes, over 10 minutes. Even with a fun powerset to play, watching the same kind of fighting for over 10 minutes becomes boring.

I decided to try the new Magisto web site and see what came out of that. The result is below. The Magisto web site essentially lets you set a title for the video, add a soundtrack from a number of options they provide (or upload your own) and then you upload the video – the rest is automatic. The video is then by default unlisted on their website, but, you can choose to make it listed and/or share it on a couple of different sites. Magisto also does some kind of face recognition and lists faces it finds in the video. In this case it had recognized one of the Legacy Chain characters in the lower left corner, which is fairly static from about 1:10 into the video and there for a few seconds.

This was also interesting in terms of information tracking – I specified a different email address to Magisto than the YouTube account I have is associated with. But when sharing it on YouTube from Magisto it never asked for the login or account to use – it went straight in to the correct one. Both email addresses are Google mail though and I use Chrome as browser – Google probably have a good picture of what I do through this computer, even when different accounts are used.

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