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Out of Star Wars Galaxies

September 30, 2011 4 comments

I have not been playing Star Wars Galaxies for perhaps a month now, partly due to that the people I was going to play with were doing other things. But I decided to log in to the game tonight. However, I was met by the message that I could not update the game and login until I had activated/purchased a subscription – which is not possible anymore.

Logging in to the SOE account I cannot see any option to activate SWG – in fact there was no information at all that I had an SWG account even – except in the payment history.

Last transaction was slightly before the middle of August, which would be paying the subscription to just a few days before the subscription cutoff date of September 15th. The credit card that I used to pay the subscription with was cancelled about a month ago – I had forgotten that I had used that one for SWG. I can understand that SOE won’t extend the subscription if the transaction fails, no problem there.

But I would have expected them to send a notice or some indication that the transaction actually failed – I have not seen anything like that from them. At least then I could have fixed the problem and pay them for the 4-5 days that was remaining to September 15th. This is my guess what happened anyway, but since there is no information in the account pages that is only a guess.

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