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Divided We Fall

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Earlier this month Paragon Studios posted the story piece Divided We Fall on the City of Heroes web site, essentially a a story background for some Praetorian invasion events that they were going to run. A couple of servers had this event run during the VIP Headstart, but now they also run the event on the rest of the servers as well.

Today Wednesday was the time for my main server, Defiant. A few minutes after the scheduled start time for the event it was announced that Praetorians attacked Atlas Park and Mercy Island (the starter zones), bringing with them a number of Hamidon seedlings (these big seed/eye-looking things). There are a few different types of seedlings, which has a few different effects – for some it is good to stay close together when they are defeated, others released toxic infections, which will spread to nearby players (thus better to keep the distance), other drain life of the players at times – if they are nearby.

Hamidon seedlings, and some War Walkers

A number of the gient combat robots (War Walkers) were also part fo the mix, as well as Olympian Guard elite soldiers and a number of the different signature superpowered Praetorians (Anti-Matter, Siege, Black Swan, Bobcat, Neuron, Battle Maiden, Nightstar). The combat stretched across the zone and the whole event lasted for close to two hours.

Bad seedlings

The enemies fought do not have absolute levels, so people at any level can jump in an fight together. Leagues were formed (a.k.a. raids in fantasy MMOs) and people in the area jumped in for the fight, high as low level. While the leagues do not form automatically like during invasions in Rift it is all quite inclusive and good spirited and everyone that wants gets invited.

I am not sure what the max size for a league is – I have been in 48-man leagues, but not sure if that is the max.

Fighting big bots is never wrong

That the invasions were put in the starter zones were likely a conscious decision to allow everyone regardless of level to be able to jump in without worrying much about the normal enemies in the zone.

When the two hours were reaching its end it was announced that there Praetorians were retreating and it was just to finish it with fighting of the remaining pockets of enemies. Then everyone was invited to go to Pocket D (the interdimensional night club/disco which is neutral space for both heroes and villains) and everyone present got the title Divided We Fall to their characters for participating in the event.

After-Invasion party in Pocket D

The invasion event continues on different servers each evening until October 11th, the Praetorian invasion schedule on the web site shows when the invasion is taking place on which servers for those interested. The Preatorians are nice enough to give a heads-up when they are going to invade! A gentleman’s invasion.

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