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Pistols and Praetorians

September 12, 2011

Recently I created a new character using the Dual Pistols powerset – again. This is the fourth attempt, I have tried it three times before in different constellations, but it did not really stick with me. Not necessarily just because of the powerset itself, but also the other powerset to combine it with and the archetype chosen. But I really want to like dual pistols, because I like the whole Gun-Fu over-the-top shooting style that it has.

Since I like damage dealer & support combos Corruptor is my preferred archetype here – more fun that Defenders for me. For this attempt I choose Kinetics as my secondary – everyones favourite support set, sort of. But for me it is almost a first, since I only used that one on a quite low level character before.

For the character itself I took some inspiration from Hit Girl (the movie version) and created Speedslinger Girl.

Speedslinger Girl

Speedslinger Girl

The defining feature of the Dual Pistols powerset – besides that it uses pistols and its animations – is that provides different types of debuffs to enemies depending on the ammunition time used. There are four different options:

  • Regular ammunition – lethal damage and provides chance for knockback effect
  • Incendiary ammunition – lethal+fire damage plus extra damage over time
  • Cryo ammunition – lethal + cold damage and slow effects
  • Chemical ammunition – lethal + toxic damage and damage reduction debuff

This is also a reason that I want this powerset to work, the idea of adapting the debuffs you do on the fly and that they are not tied to a specific power is an interesting concept, I think.

The powerset is not über powerful and in a way I think that also helps to think about when and how you want to use the different ammo types. Playing with Kinetics as a secondary in combination has also kind of encouraged me to work more on positioning and moving around even in regular PvE. And that is a good thing.

Currently you cannot start a Corruptor on the Hero side of the game (a.k.a. blue side), you have to start either on villain side (a.k.a. red side) or in Praetoria (a.k.a. gold/yellow side). Since I have played a fair amount on low/mid-level red side lately I wanted a bit of a change, so I started off in Praetoria. This will change with Issue 21, where almost every archetype can be started on either side. The epic archetypes can still only be started on their specific sides (and switch side later).

Praetoria is a place which seems to be popular with some people and disliked by a number of other people. It is more story-focused than blue or red-side, it does not have all of the facilities either and game features either and the enemies are perhaps a bit tougher than in the other low-level areas. If someone is quite casual in their gameplay and are not very interested in the stories, then Praetoria is not the place to me. For me on the other hand, I like Praetoria. Admittedly I do not read all the mission text in detail, since I have done most of the content before at this point.

Currently I have reached level 19 and my time in the current Praetoria is soon reaching an end. However, since the Issue 21 update will bring the new Praetorian zone First Ward into the game I will stay at this level until Issue 21 is available and I can then continue directly to that zone without heading to Primal Earth just yet.

Speaking of Praetoria, in the past two weeks on a Thursday Paragon Studios launched Praetorian attacks into Atlas Park – lots of Giant Warwalkers (big robots) as well as Praetorian guard troops and signature Preators and similar tough guys/gals. These were events controlled by the community team. Fairly simple in nature, but pretty fun for some casual on-the-fly leagues (i.e. raids in other MMOs). Since most of the attackers were Giant Monsters it also meant they were ok to fight for all levels – Giant Monsters has special mechanics so that players regardless of level can contribute to the fight.

Big bots are always fun

Big bots are always fun

Presumably this was perhaps a warm-up for the Praetorian attacks that are going to happen during the VIP Headstart for Issue 21/City of Heroes: Freedom. For these attacks there was not that much choice of character for me; I have two hero characters and maybe 2 rogues on my main server, who could try to get to Atlas Park in the first place. So I jumped in with a hero Stalker (sounds perhaps weirder than it is :))  – a Kinetic Melee user, also a powerset I like in which animations are a significant part of the appreciation.

The Praetorians were beaten back of course and the mood was quite upbeat in the league I was in, joking about the fights and the Praetorians. This come-as-you-are-let’s-have-fun approach to raiding is nice to do from time to time. For the most part there isn’t so much to think how individuals perform, with enough people joining in everything can eventually be beaten.

A flock of Warwalkers has landed on City Hall

A flock of Warwalkers has landed on City Hall

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