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Pistols and Praetorians

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Recently I created a new character using the Dual Pistols powerset – again. This is the fourth attempt, I have tried it three times before in different constellations, but it did not really stick with me. Not necessarily just because of the powerset itself, but also the other powerset to combine it with and the archetype chosen. But I really want to like dual pistols, because I like the whole Gun-Fu over-the-top shooting style that it has.

Since I like damage dealer & support combos Corruptor is my preferred archetype here – more fun that Defenders for me. For this attempt I choose Kinetics as my secondary – everyones favourite support set, sort of. But for me it is almost a first, since I only used that one on a quite low level character before.

For the character itself I took some inspiration from Hit Girl (the movie version) and created Speedslinger Girl.

Speedslinger Girl

Speedslinger Girl

The defining feature of the Dual Pistols powerset – besides that it uses pistols and its animations – is that provides different types of debuffs to enemies depending on the ammunition time used. There are four different options:

  • Regular ammunition – lethal damage and provides chance for knockback effect
  • Incendiary ammunition – lethal+fire damage plus extra damage over time
  • Cryo ammunition – lethal + cold damage and slow effects
  • Chemical ammunition – lethal + toxic damage and damage reduction debuff

This is also a reason that I want this powerset to work, the idea of adapting the debuffs you do on the fly and that they are not tied to a specific power is an interesting concept, I think.

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