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Star Legends growth

September 11, 2011 2 comments

The SciFi MMO Star Legends for the mobile market seems to continue to grow. For Android it has passed 500K installations from the Android Market,  this after it has been released for about 1 month. I do not not know how many installations the iPhone/iPad version has – it only been out for about 2 weeks for the Apple devices.

There has been one new content release after launch which raised the level cap 5 levels and another one which will likely be available next week and that will raise the cap with another 5 levels, so they seem to have a decent schedule for providing new updates to the game so far.

I have been playing the game a bit every now and then, in some short sessions on my Eee Pad. My main character is a level 15 engineer – within seconds you can be in a team doing a mission, or just shooting stuff. That the game is offered for free with an item shop certainly helps with the installation count – the MMO Order & Chaos online has much smaller installation numbers, but do also require an upfront payment for the game – I believe they also have a monthly fee, although low.

Vendetta Online is another SciFi MMO which is available for Android. You can try that one for free for a limited time and after that you need to pay a subscription fee. The game is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS and not a game specifically made for the mobile market. I have not tried that game on Android yet, but tried it a long time ago on Windows.  It was fairly ok back then and perhaps there is time for a test drive at some point. It is quite large for a mobile app, around 250MB.I am not sure how many of the 50000-100000 that have installed the application that also subscribed to the game?

WIll have to try it out at some point and see how it works out on the Eee Pad.

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