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City of Heroes: Freedom VIP headstart announced

September 9, 2011 2 comments

Paragon Studios have announced the dat for the City fo Heroes: Freedom VIP headstart – September 13th.

The VIP Headstart is the release of Issue 21 and City of Heroes: Freedom, but just for active subscribers initially – if you are an active subscriber on September 13th, you are a VIP. From the information provided it seems the headstart will be ongoing for at least two weeks, which should mean that everyone else will be able to play the new release from September 27th at the earliest.

Invasion events

On a few select days (evenings) there will be special live Praetorian invasion events with this backstory. The account-wide badge Defender of Primal Earth can be earned from participating in the invasion events.:

  • Thursday September 15th, Exalted server (new VIP server): 17:00-19:00 PDT
  • Friday September 16th, Exalted server (new VIP server): 20:00-22:00 CET
  • Monday September 19th, Union server: 20:00-22:00 CET
  • Tuesday September 20th, Freedom server: 17:00-19:00 PDT
  • Wednesday September 21st, Vigilance server (French): 20:00-22:00 CET
  • Thursday September 22nd, Zukunft server (German): 20:00-22:00 CET
  • Friday September 23rd, Virtue server:  17:00-19:00 PDT

Costume contests

There will also be costume contests on the Exalted server and judged by Paragon Studios. Prices not known at this point. There will be three contests, each with a different theme. An account can only participate in one of the three contests.
ThemeApocalyptic Survivor
Time: Thursday September 15th, 17:00-18:30 PDT
Theme: Famous Historical Characters – With a twist
Time: Friday September 16th, 20:00-21:30 CET
ThemeDark and Mysterious
Time: Monday September 19th, 17:00-18:30 PDT

Play new trials with Paragon Studios, plus giveaways

Paragon Studios team will randomly jump in and team up with players in the new Sewer and incarnate Underground trials throughout the day during the first week of the headstart on the Exalted server. They will also randomly give away in game items during that first week, also on Exalted server.

Paragon Market special offers

For two weeks of the headstart there are some discounts and special offers from the Paragon Market:
  • 50% off the Restore Power
  • 50% off the Revive Power
  • 50%off Enhancement Unslotters
  • 20% off of Beam Rifle.
  • 6 character transfer tokens for 480 Paragon points (one time offer)

Badges and tokens

Everyone participating in the headstart gets:
  • A Respec Token per existing character
  • A Tailor Token per unlocked costume slot
  • A Global Handle Rename Token per account
  • The “Door Buster” badge
I will definitely buy the Beam Rifle powerset and I might pick up the character transfer offer. The Restore and Revive powers I believe I already will earn from the Paragon Rewards program, so no need to get those.
I was not planning to play on the new VIP server, but might jump in there to create a new character and perhaps transfer another just to participate in some of the events. I can understand that the focus a lot of the live event and participation effort on a single server and the new Exalted server makes sense to use for that.
But most of all I am glad to see that they have finally set a date and hopefully soon everyone else can get into the game as well!
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