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The elusive engine

September 2, 2011 4 comments

If you have tried following what is happening with Anarchy Online you might know they have had an engine update in the plans for a couple of years now. This is still an ongoing work, working to get the same engine as is used by the other Funcom MMOs – Age of Conan and The Secret World. It is going slow, but they may be making some progress.

This week there were some screenshots posted from the new engine with a few pictures like the one below here:


Nowadays it seems that the devs rarely bother to update the web site itself when there is something new, so any brief look at the front page of the game website gives the impression that very little is happening. If one actually reads certain parts of the forums one can find the news and info there, but the web site itself is not the right place. This is unfortunate and hopefully they will start to change this once they get closer to actually release a game update with the new engine.

However, it seems also from the talk at the 10 year anniversary that they will also do a revamp of how the mechanics of the various professions work before the relaunch campaign will start – and there has not been that much about that part yet.

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