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The new superhero creation

August 17, 2011 4 comments

With the soon-to-be-released hybrid payment model update of City of Heroes, there is a long list of changes that has been done, both in terms of content and user interface design. The first part that players will encounter is of course the character creator, which have had a user interface revamp. An interesting feature is also that the character creator will be available before the complete game has downloaded.

Many people may spend a fair amount of time creating their character before they start to actually play, so it only makes sense to have that available while the rest of the game downloads. The same thing is also for the tutorial, this one will also be available before the complete game has downloaded.

Initial view in the new City of Heroes tutorial

I have collected a couple of screenshots from the latest beta update of the character creation, which is likely what it may look like at release. Continue after the break to see more.

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