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Star Legends officially released

August 11, 2011 Comments off

Star Legends has been in open beta for a bit over a week and has now been officially released, at least on Android.

Spacetime Studios submitted the iOS version of the game initially to Apple for approval about a month ago. Initially they said they intended to release it at the same time on all platforms. However it seems they changed their mind and decided to release on Android before it had been approved for Apple’s app store.

One issue that the approval process of a certain platform had was that Spacetime Studios wanted their virtual currency that people buy, platinum, should be possible to use in all their games. I.e. if you buy platinum in Pocket Legends you can also use it in Star Legends, if you play both. This was something Spacetime Studios had announced was their intention. However, it seems that this was not ok with that app store and a change had to be made; a recent update made the platinum game specific.

That of course upset a few players that wanted to use platinum they had bought in Pocket Legends in Star Legends. As that platform’s app store did not allow for a one-off transfer between games like some players suggested, Spacetime Studios instead issued 30 platinum for Star Legends to every single player who had bought platinum at some point after they had made the first announcement about shared platinum. That seems to have totalled to about 1.5 million platinum. Since I had bought a small chunk of platinum just prior to this I also ended up with 30 platinum extra. I think it was a nice gesture of Spacetime Studios.

The number is also interesting since it shows indirectly how many players have bought platinum since they made that announcement a few months ago; 1.5 million/30 = 50000 players. Each of these players have spent at least $5 on the games and in many cases probably more. They are probably doing ok financially.

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