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Lego Universe is F2P nowadays

August 9, 2011 1 comment

I just stumbled on this while following some links, seems Lego Universe has adopted an F2P payment model.

While I have not played the game yet, it seems from other posts I have seen about it that it has struggled a bit in the past, which is a shame. There should definitely be a market for some good building-games in the multiplayer space (looks at Minecraft). Maybe this transition helps.

Will probably end up trying it at some point now.

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City of Heroes: Freedom VIP beta available

August 9, 2011 Comments off

Later today/tomorrow, depending on time zone, the City of Heroes: Freedom VIP beta will be available for people to try out. That means everyone who is currently an active subscriber can try out Freedom and Issue 21.

This will be on the City of Heroes beta server. While not available right away it seem there will be some “fake” Paragon Points given out to all characters for those that want to try out the Paragon Market.

I guess this means that Freedom/Issue 21 may be entering an open beta stage then and that the NDA from closed beta is lifted – although I have not seen any confirmation on that yet. If someone has played in closed beta they might be able to share some of that soon then…

Update: Paragon Studios have stated they will seed every currently active account with 10000 Paragon Points to play around with in the beta. (not in live!)

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