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Blasting in Star Legends

August 7, 2011

When I got back home this weekend I noticed that Star Legends was now available on Android Market. The game seems now to be in an open beta stage. I did not really like Spacetime Studios previous mobile MMO, Pocket Legends, but with a SciFi theme I thought I should check it out and I downloaded it to my Eee Pad.

You have 3 different professions to choose from; commando, operative and engineer. There is of course gender selection and some basic hair and face customisation for the character. This is a quite action-packed game. You start out with a quick and simple tutorial to save the day and after that you will enter the UCS Blackstar. This ship acts as a kind of lobby area with various facilities – auction house, crafting stations, guild management area, some bounty lists (PvP? not sure), space hangar and also vendor stations and mission NPCs.

Initially I must say I did not quite like it; I had some trouble with camera movement because I tried to swipe in a different way than the game expected, but once I figured that out it worked out better. Some of the store interfaces were also not intuitive to me (swipe the list to select what you buy, not press on it).  I also died quite a lot in mission fights. But after a while it did grow on me and now I must say I quite like it; it is good fun and you can jump in for a few minutes to play quite easily.

The mission system is an instanced approach with automatic teaming, so people will jump in and out of your mission instance all the time. From your quest panel you can select to jump to a mission in your quest list, or there is also a general list with ongoing instances that one can choose from. Or you can just select an area to choose a transporter from Blackstar in some cases to go there.

Throughout the mission areas there are boxes with loot and regardless of who opens the box it seems everyone gets something. The first few missions were pretty simple “go kill stuff” type of missions, with some boss fights. Later missions introduced some simple puzzles also. There are also various enviroment considerations – there can be toxic waste or toxic gas in some areas, so you need to get an anti-toxin first. There are vents which may spew fire from them from time to time and there are different items that can be shot at so they explode and possibly hurt things nearby.

One will earn cash (gold) from fighting enemies and doing missions, plus also selling loot that you pick up in the missions. Some items and in particular stimpacks (recover health or power) can be bought with those. But you are not earning huge amounts of money. So there is of course also an item shop in the game, where you buy things with platinum, which is a higher value option – 1 platinum corresponds to 100 gold.

Some items are available both through platinum (game store) and through gold (vendor machines), but with the exchange rate it seems to favour buying directly using platinum, e.g. buying 25 stimpacks cost 3 platinum from store, but 625 gold from vendor machine. Some items are only available in the game store, like enhancements, which boosts a number of things – XP, armor and damage for a while.

Platinum prices vary depending how much you buy – the larger amounts you buy, the cheaper it is per platinum. The most expensive option is the smallest amount you can buy, 30 platinum for 5 dollars. But if you are willing to put up 100 dollars directly, you get 2000 platinum. And then there are a few other platinum package options in between those extremes.

I think Spacetime Studios have done quite a good job with the game; it is fast-paced and fun and playing together with others is really quite easy. The installed game itself allows for four accounts to play – this is most certainly with tablets in mind, which probably would be shared devices in a family.

For Android the game should work on anything running Android 2.0 or later. I have not tried it on my phone yet. For Apple devices it seems that they are still going through the approval process with Apple and once that is done it should be available for iOS devices also.

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  1. sleepysam
    August 8, 2011 at 15:26

    So, this reads like an improved pocket legends, with a sci fi skin. I’m curious what distinguishes it from Pocket Legends, since you have played both.

  2. August 8, 2011 at 22:54

    Since it was a while since I played Pocket Legends I had to go back and take a peek again. I would say that in terms of functionality the two games are pretty similar, although I am not sure if Pocket Legends have the guild halls.

    I think the user interface is a bit better in Star Legends and the classes do seem a bit different, not just SciFi themed names – although I can mainly comment on the engineer here, since that is the one I play.

    For me Star Legends is the more fun one, but YMMV and there are no radical differences from what I can see.

  3. sleepysam
    August 9, 2011 at 21:53

    My impression is that star legends has guilds, and maybe an AH, which would be nice improvements over pocket legends. Thanks for the response.

  4. August 9, 2011 at 22:09

    Yes there is an auction house.

    But besides these features the game just feels more fun, perhaps a number of smaller bits and pieces that adds up to an overall better fun factor.

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