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Fallen Earth updates

July 30, 2011

I got an email from Fallen Earth about a few updates for August, which included:

GamersFirst Account Merge
Starting now, you’ll need to log in to Fallen Earth with a GamersFirst account. Don’t fret! The first time you log in once the change is live, you’ll automatically be directed through a process to link your Fallen Earth account with your GamersFirst account. As a bonus for the early birds, if you link your account before August 5, you’ll receive some free G1 Credits!

You need an active account to do this as I understand it. Personally I will probably wait until the F2P transition is completely done, too many games to consider anyway.

New Fast Travel System The LifeNet system is being overhauled and upgraded! Over 50 new facilities will be available to travel between when this update hits, with hubs in all major cities and many small towns. With Fast Travel comes a streamlined ATV quest to make things more accessible for new players, as well as a more intuitive early-quest progression.

Not quite sure what to think of this, to be honest. I think part of the charm with Fallen Earth was that there was a rather low-tech down-to-earth travel you had to do, it fit very well with the setting. Of course you are not forced to use this. A more streamlined ATV quest chain is probably a good thing though.

And then of course some items to pay for with points:
Upcoming Additions to the Fallen Earth Store

  • Colorful Sombrero: Now you can live out your dreams of becoming a wasteland mariachi!
  • Antique Nightvision Goggles: Don’t snap necks in the shadows without’em
  • Wiry Mask: A great way to frighten out-of-towners, children
  • Anti-Glare Sunglasses: You gotta protect your eyes in an Ozone-less future.
  • Flame Pants: You, your pants are on fire!
  • Surviving Shades: You’re a survivor; you’re not going to give up.
  • Hockey Mask: Commonly worn by hockey players and serial killers – and there ain’t no hockey in the wasteland.
  • Coming Soon: New functional items for your mounts and vehicles.

It will be interesting to see where the game is after the transition is completed.

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  1. August 1, 2011 at 07:15

    Aargh! Why?! Why did they had to add fast travel? One my most memorable MMO experiences was an half hour horse ride deep into sector 3. I was barely able to survive on my own in sector 2 at that time, but had to meet up with somebody from our organization (Saints Incorporated). We managed to make it a true wasteland adventure. Riding into the sunset is one the (many) highlight of the game.

    When I was active on the FE forums fast travel was a weekly returning topic. A new player that didn’t get it yet complained about it. Nearly everybody else shot it down. One or two fast travel warriors countered that, and the thread slowly died out with the no-fast-travel having the most votes.

    A lot of the charm of Vanguard got spoiled by the instant travel points. It turned a world into a collection of quest hubs. Fallen Earth was the last surviving world, and they are killing it too now. Such a pity. Of course you don’t have to use it, but it doesn’t work like that. It is there now, so you use it.

    I will still go back once it goes F2P. But I fear it is becoming a game, and not a way of living any more.

    • August 1, 2011 at 18:49

      You are right, if it s there it will be used and become more game and less virtual world.

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