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Comic-Con City of Heroes panel

July 27, 2011 3 comments

As perhaps expected for an MMO that are dealing with comic book style superheroes, there was a panel at ComicCon talking covering City of Heroes: Freedom, courtesy of Gamespot.  It is about 34 minutes long. There is also an excerpt video of the panel which provides a shortened version of the content (almost 9 minutes).

A few points to note from the panel:

  • Quick start – you can get into the game and start creating your character after a few minutes, while the rest of the game downloads
  • Redesigned character creation user interface
  • Revamped shared tutorial for all players – you choose if you are going to be a hero or villain in the tutorial and take different paths in the tutorial
  • Online training missions – tutorial itself if intended to be quite quick to go through; instead some extra training information is provided through optional story arc missions once you are in the “real” game.
  • Starter zones (Atlas Park and Mercy Island) have both had a revamp – Mercy primarily the mission content, Atlas Park also the whole zone design with better graphics.
  • Low level Sewer trial event – first team event aimed at level 1-5 players, which you can queue up for using the game’s LFG queueing system (similar to WoW Dungeon Finder). This is available to both heroes and villains.
  • Travel powers available from level 4 and new enhanced travel powers available also from the same power pools (at later levels)
  • New powerset Time Manipulation available to everyone
  • Two new premium powersets (i.e. you have to pay for them) – Street Justice and Beam Rifle
  • New zone First Ward aimed at level 20-25, Praetorian Earth zone, but Praetorian character not needed for access.
  • New incarnate trial – Underground Trial
  • Find contact button – find contacts which may have mission content for you and even allow you to teleport to those contacts.
  • Signature stories – new story arcs released once per month. Heroes and villains play the same story, but from different perspectives. Free for VIPs, must be bought by others.
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