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GW2 Engineer video

July 23, 2011 3 comments

ArenaNet has published  gameplay demo video from ComicCon showing off the engineer profession, as well as underwater combat. I quite like the approach to switch back and forth between utilities and have various skills attached to them, including the special ones for underwater combat.  Good also to see a demo where the character is not just standing still. Not quite sure what to think for the random buff they talked about, that is probably one thing that will have to be tested to form an opinion about. Overall I think it looks promising, even though I am not overwhelmed. Part of that may be that there was no really any game audio to listen to. That makes a significant difference I think, so may change perception with the full experience.

It also shows the “downed” state that gives a last chance to defeat any enemies with specific set of attacks.

Towards the end of the video the presenter mentions that there will be a beta and it seems he starts to say “sometime in the new year” but then changes that to “in the future”. He did not say open or closed beta, just beta.

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