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Issue 21 trailer

July 22, 2011 Comments off

Paragon Studios has released a trailer for the upcoming Issue 21: Convergence. This trailer shows some of the new features and content that are part of that Issue, which may potentially be one of the larger updates they have done, by the looks of it.

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Paragon rewards program details

July 22, 2011 Comments off

Paragon Studios has provided some more information of what is called the Paragon Rewards program. This is what will replace the old Veteran Rewards program, but which is now adapted to the new hybrid payment model.

Essentially they map rewards and badges from the old Veteran Rewards program into a new reward tree with 9+ tiers – tier 9 has a regular and a VIP part. They also add a number of new rewards in this new rewards program. The new “currency” for the reward program is a Reward Token. When they translate from the old program, they translate each veteran badge into a reward token, plus add a token for each 12 months of subscription. A veteran badge is the title badge one currently receives every 3 months.

So in my case, where I have earned the 60 months veteran reward, I would get 20 + 5 reward tokens – if the conversion would be today. This would go up to tier 7 essentially.

After the Freedom release though, people will earn reward tokens at a higher rate – 1 token per month of subscription or per 1200 paragon points (about $15). Subscribers also get an additional token per 12 months. So the speed of receiving these rewards will essentially speed up by a factor of 3.

The highest tier, tier 9 and tier 9 VIP contains repeatable rewards, i.e. you can use them multiple times. They are consumable rewards and some of them can also be bought directly  in the store, but if tier 9 is unlocked then they are available for free. The tier 9 VIP is the only part here that is exclusive to VIP players, so these things require VIP status to get.

From what I can see in some forum discussions it seems that you need to unlock all items in a tier to be able to access the next higher tier, however you can get all items from a certain tier in any order you want.

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