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Bonus everything in SWG

July 19, 2011 6 comments

An small patch was made to Star Wars Galaxies (barely noticed the update), but the impact is significant as the following post says:

Bonus Everything

  • Everyone logged in will earn Double XP, Double GCW Points, Double Heroic Tokens, Double GCW Tokens from Battlefields and City Invasions, Double Pet XP and Loyalty, Double Duty Mission Tokens, Double Chronicles XP, Double Chronicles Silver Tokens, increased chance to earn Gold Chronicles Tokens, increased RLS chance, increased chance to catch real fish (instead of junk loot and collection fish) and bonus Restuss Commendations!
  • NOTE: The RLS chance has been increased to 5 times the normal value.

Fan Faire 2011

  • The Fan Faire 2011 items are now available to be claimed in-game.

I noticed this when I created a harvester deed and saw the significant chunk of XP that this provided, much more than it used to do. Not sure for how long this is in place, or if it is permanent until the shutdown. It will certainly make the game less grindy.

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