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Visiting uncle Owen

July 17, 2011 7 comments

Last month when I saw Massively’s article about Star Wars Galaxies’ 8th anniversary it raised my curiosity what the status was for the game nowadays. I felt that maybe I should try it out again, since had been a few years since the last visit (and that was a brief one as well). Then came the news about SOE closing down the game in December, at which point I felt that now I must play the game again – there was no option really.


I am a pre-NGE player; I started playing Star Wars Galaxies shortly after release in summer 2003 and in my first round played actively until January 2004. For some months after that I played FFXI primarily until I went back to SWG during autumn and winter of 2004. After that I stopped playing for a while, due to EQ2 and WoW.

I did jump in back into the game briefly right after the NGE happened, to see what it was about. My main character back then (master ranger/master creature handler/pistoleer) was no more. Back then I was quite disappointed with SOE and did not touch the game for some time. A brief re-visit maybe 2-3 years later did not do much for me, because the client kept crashing on me.

With this I want to emphasize that I am not bitter with SOE or hold a grudge; the NGE was six years ago – many popular MMO titles today have not even existed for that long. There is no point in looking at what the state was at Publish 25, but rather see the game for what it is now – today.

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