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Double rewards weekend in City of Heroes

July 15, 2011 Comments off

The last weekend in July will have another double rewards weekend in City of Heroes. As ususal, XP as well as inf (i.e. influence/infamy/information) and prestige will be doubled when playing during this weekend. I also assume as usual that this will not apply to regular Mission Architect missions since it is not mentioned. Incarnate rewards are not mentioned either, so these might be left out as well.

In  other words, if you have a character which is not at max level and perhaps in a rough spot leveling-wise, this might be a good time to get past that hurdle. For me I find the low 40s to be where I end up struggling a bit with the enthusiasm. I have one character in that range, so might take him for a spin that weekend. Also, this might be the time to get a Brute past level 30 Рsomething I never managed before. I have a candidate in the high 20s for that, which is still fun to play.

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