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The new First City

July 8, 2011

This is mainly a couple of screenshots from the new Qo’noS area in Star Trek Online. It is divided into two parts, the First City itself on the planet and the Shipyard, which is a space station.

In the First City one will find all the different key NPCs and facilities to talk to, except obviously those that has to do with your ships and ship equipment. I quite like new design, more open space, feels a bit more lively and easier to figure out where to go IMHO if you are not completely familiar with where things are, in particular since there are signs leading you to the right spots (really neat design on those signs). Some places you can also visually guess what they may be about.

Good work, Cryptic!

First view when you enter the city from the transporter area

More pictures after the break.

Signs change from Klingon to English writing as you get closer

The Forge, i.e. research & development a.k.a. crafting area

The battle pit and personal equipment vendor area

Some underground area

A residential area

The Barracks - fleet and bridge officer facilities

Chancellor J'mpok and the great hall

Recreational facilities

Shipyard space station

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