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The new First City

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This is mainly a couple of screenshots from the new Qo’noS area in Star Trek Online. It is divided into two parts, the First City itself on the planet and the Shipyard, which is a space station.

In the First City one will find all the different key NPCs and facilities to talk to, except obviously those that has to do with your ships and ship equipment. I quite like new design, more open space, feels a bit more lively and easier to figure out where to go IMHO if you are not completely familiar with where things are, in particular since there are signs leading you to the right spots (really neat design on those signs). Some places you can also visually guess what they may be about.

Good work, Cryptic!

First view when you enter the city from the transporter area

More pictures after the break.

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Large scale combat sequel

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Yesterday SOE opened up their Planetside 2 website with a bit of info on their upcoming MMOFPS title.

Emphasis would be on a bit of here; there is not actually a lot of info at all – just a trailer, a few screenshots and wallpapers and a brief FAQ. I never played the original Planetside, but at least the 3-sided approach with 3 groups where neither seem to be distinctly more evil or good than the others sounds like a good combat setting.

It is likely that the game will not be my cup of tea, but I am still curious to see how battles with hundreds or thousands of people would work out – this seems to be their main differentiator also.


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The PC game site Rock Paper Shotgun have had some articles about The Secret World, including a preview and a two-part interview with Ragnar Tørnquist. I think those articles were great to get some idea of the thinking behind the stories in The Secret World. It was also quite nice to see that the article/interview author had done his homework and did have an intelligent discussion on the subject.

I have no doubt whatsoever that there will be some great material in the game from a story perspective and I am glad to see that they try to push some boundaries here.

It sounds promising that they seem to have an approach similar to Guild Wars when it comes to skill usage (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and I like that they embrace that everyone does not have solve the puzzles everytime, but when they do that the approach supports and encourages people to help each other in a way that does not require built-in game mechanics.

At the same time I also wonder will the game work out wen you are not thinking about solving the mysteries of the world – sometimes you might just want to knock a few zombies. Will it be able to keep people interested then as well also? While Funcom has done some good job with story and environment settings, they have not been entirely flawless in general execution.

I remain hopeful though and I really want this theme and story approach to succeed.

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