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Guild Wars is steaming

July 6, 2011 3 comments

I had a look at the MMO games sold on Steam now. In their best-selling list, 4 of the top 5 titles were all Guild Wars (Rift grabbed the #2 spot). The #1 spot is the Guild Wars Trilogy package, which is now 14.99. Separate Guild Wars campaigns/packages are 7.49. The lowered price would certainly help sales, but my guess is that whatever news is coming about Guild Wars 2 may also be driving some sales of the old game.

Personally if I had to vote for my favourite fantasy-themed MMO:ish game, it would be Guild Wars.

Gods & Heroes has fallen down to the 6th spot, but considering that the game has a considerably higher price tag than the other games on the top 10 list it is not too shabby I guess. It still beats EVE Incarna and STO, for example.