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Anarchy Online 10th anniversary Q&A panel

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During the previous weekend Anarchy Online had its real-life 10 year celebration with players coming to the Funcom studios in Montreal, to hang out with the development team and celebrate the game’s anniversary. As part of that celebration they had a Q&A panel where game director Colin “Means” Cragg and senior designer Brad “Kintaii” McAtee answered questions from the players present.

The sound leaves a bit to be desired, although they added text for the questions at least. Perhaps one of the key answers for many was that the game will have a re-launch and marketing campaign, that will include the new engine and a profession rebalance – they hope to have this done this year.

With the new engine the game will look better, but at the same time they will not have redesigned all the textures and environment, which is a huge task in itself – the game has 425 playfields (zones and other areas) currently. If I understood it correctly they will have both new and old client supported, since estimates indicate 15-25% of the computers used to log in to the game could not support the new engine. The engine is the same engine as Age of Conan is using and The Secret World will use, so it should be capable.

Below are video recordings from the Q&A sessions in two parts. And after that is a player camcorder recording of a demonstration of the new engine – not ideal conditions, but that is the most up to date view anyway.

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Age of Conan Unchained now available

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Funcom have now Age of Conan Unchained online, with some details about the hybrid model here. A bit over 6GB of download if you don’t have the game installed already.

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