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The new City of Heroes tutorial

June 29, 2011 2 comments

In the latest monthly newsletter post from City of Heroes newletter, The Intrepid Informer, there is some information about the new tutorial that is going to be part fo the game when Issue 21 anf City of Heroes: Freedom launches.

The new tutorial will be a shared one for both villains and heroes and there will be both some signature heroes (at least Back Alley Brawler and Sister Physche) and villains (Lord Recluse & co) in the area. Plus there is also an alien invasion with meteor strikes from Shivans.  A large part of the post though talks about the new approach to cut scene Paragon Studios are introducing here, with a 5 page comic before the player get into the action.

It looks interesting to see how this works out; I cannot say that I ever cared much for the hero side tutorial. The villain side was better, but is perhaps showing a bit of age nowadays. It will no doubt be interesting to see how well the new one will play. With the alien invasion theme there will no doubt be comparisions with the Champions Online tutorial.

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