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The bad translator

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Through a post in Anarchy Online forums I found this wonderful site: Bad Translator. The site allows you to enter a limited amount of English text and then runs that text back and forth between English and some other languages a couple of times – you can select the number of iterations to run.

I ran a couple of sentences through the translator to see what happened:

  1. I got a level 58 Bureaucrat in Anarchy Online -> (30 iterations) -> I have 58 pages of fantasy
  2. Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please -> (30 iterations) -> They distort what you want
  3. Is that game just another WoW clone? -> (30 iterations) -> F This is how simple awareness of the game?
  4. I’ll be back. -> (30 iterations) -> Show
  5. Our village has been plagued by nasty rodents for a while now. Would you help us kill ten rats, glorious adventurer? -> (30 iterations) ->  In mice, long-term illness. We’ll help guide you need?
  6. I am not young enough to know everything.  -> (30 iterations) -> I know your children.
I would hazard to say that there are some shortcomings in the machine translators 😉
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