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Going back to my roots

May 16, 2011 2 comments

From time to time I read the Friday With Means community news on the Anarchy Online web site, from game director Colin “Means”  Cragg. I like the general community and daily life-type tone of thee posts and some posts like the one about the The Tale of The Secret Nerf Table made me smile (it may help to have a developer background).

Through numerous posts this year the 10 year anniversary of Anarchy Online has been mentioned and it for some reason it just recently struck me that it is actually the 10 year anniversary of Anarchy Online – the first MMO I played and also not that far off my own 10 year anniversary in MMO space. The loading graphic with its musical tune still triggers that feeling of excitement and going into a new world as it did the first time I started the game.

Last Saturday was my 117 month anniversary as an MMO player; I started to play Anarchy Online on August 14th 2001, about 1 1/2 month after the game was launched. I realized I cannot really miss this, so I reactivated my subscription to the game. At the very least I intend to be around the game’s 10th anniversary in late June as well as my own MMO anniversary in August as a subscriber.

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