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HoD, HoDwI’

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Somehow I tend to end up on the underdog side in a way, if there is an MMO with multiple factions. It is not a deliberate choice, but perhaps subconsiously I go with what not everyone else picks, or it fits better with my character backgrounds – at least my favourite characters are often with that type of faction.

So in recent weeks I have played my Klingon Defense Force character (not Klingon, she is an alien who joined their ranks) a lot more than anything else. Despite the fact that there is a limited amount of PvE content for KDF characters I must say that I have still enjoyed it quite a lot.

Klingon side is warming up to me, sort of – as much as you can feel warm and fuzzy about a harsh warrior race.

My new battle cruiser I.K.S. SuS'a' in the middle, ready to depart from Qo'noS

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