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Praetorian Invasion event

May 12, 2011

So had the time come to my main server, Defiant to get the Praetorian Invasion event. Close to the time of the event start I logged in and joined a league (aka raid group in some other games) and we were waiting for what should happen.

Soon came announcements that there wer invasion forces sighted in some zones and our league headed off to St Martial to fight off the Praetorians.

The invasion forces included a bunch of bosses and elite bosses and also a number of giant monsters – including the Goliath War Walkers in the pictures and Praetorian side superbeings who had been ungraded from their Archvillain status to Giant Monster as well.

It all started off fairly well I think, with new forces dropping in into the zones. The whole thing was controlled by the community managers it seemed, at least they did the annoncements and updates about new invasion forces dropping in. At some point it was announced that we should counter-attack and head into Praetoria and so people did.

This is the point were it started to not work out so well. There was some dialogue abd banter between Ms Liberty (primal Earth) and Anti-Matter (Praetorian earth) and more fighting. However, at this point there probably were a bit too many in the zone with both heroes and villains and pretty much everything came almost to a standstill. People started to drop off because of the performance issues.

This was probably noted by the community managers after a while and they triggered a counter-attack to our counter-attack, effectively sending heoes back to their zones and villains back to theirs – fewer people in each zone made it much more playable. However, I guess damage had been done a bit and thee were not as many going back to the Primal earth zones as the event started out with.

I think it was great that it was something controlled by the community managers, at least they could react on issues and adjust accordingly – good plan. However, it felt perhaps like a bit of anti-climax.

Since they have people in control of what is happening they can also take advantage of these early event runs to fine-tune and adjust for the other server runs .

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  1. May 14, 2011 at 11:59

    I can’t remember the last time I experienced a live event run by CMs in an MMO. The modern style seems much more to implement some temporary mechanics and unleash them on the servers to see how they play out. However, as you mention, that doesn’t leave much room at all to adjust them on the fly if they don’t pan out well. In terms of man hours, I suppose that CM run events just aren’t feasible in MMOs that have more than a handful of servers. Even the dozen or so that CoX has is probably close to the upper limit.

    • May 14, 2011 at 12:48

      The way Paragon Studios organized it with different times for each server makes it feasible in terms of manpower, but will only provide a limited time slot for players to participate – assuming it is a multi-shard/world/server MMO.

      The amount of time and effort that would go into creating, testing and tuning a pure scripted event can probably be shortened with real people behind, but is of course only feasible for one-off type events.

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