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STO double rewards weekend

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This weekend Star Trek Online has a double rewards weekend – various skill points, merits, honor, emblems etc are all doubled. One has to pick up an item from Q to start this off in Earth Spacedock or Qo’Nos, see the link here. The item lasts 4 hours of real time, but can be picked up repeatedly from Q during the weekend.

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42 million characters…

April 29, 2011 2 comments

…have been created in City of Heroes since launch. There is a short article @ Kotaku about the 7 year anniversary of City of Heroes. With that is a few pictures with some trivia information about the game; including the headline for this post. Some fun information here, although not all surprising.

The producer letter for April also provides some news for upcoming content – new trials, new zone and all ties together in a bigger story.

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Praetorian invasion world event in May

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While Paragon Studios do not use the phrase “world event” I decided to borrow that from other games’ usage, since that is pretty much what it is – at least judging from earlier Rikti invasion events.

This time it is Preatorian Earth though, the alternate dimension Earth. There is a post with a bit of story text that points to that the invasion event will happen be ongoing between May 9th and May 27th and culminating with something extra on the 27th.

Big events are fun and I like the earlier invasions, so this could be fun!

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Global server access soon here

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When Paragon Studios announced that they were merging the server lists of European and North American servers for City of Heroes, they indicated that this would happen at the end of summer.

Now it seems that this work has gone quicker than expected, or they have relocated to the southern hemisphere – the merged server lists will happen next week on May 3rd. That is certainly good news! That means more servers to play on and that everyone playing the game can play together – still need to move/create characters on the same servers though.

Good job, Paragon Studios!

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