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Harness the power of technology

April 26, 2011

I played Rift a little bit more than I had planned this Easter weekend; it was pretty easy to get into exploring and running around closing rifts and fighting invasions, only to see that a fair amount of time had passed by. I should probably set up a timer.

Wardstone at Smith's Haven

On my rogue I played around with a couple of different soul combinations. I must say I was not particularly happy with the melee combat – being used to City of Heroes combat the melee combat felt like a downgrade. Right now I have put two roles that will try to continue building and probably add some more options later; one is aimed for solo/small team play with a mix of ranger/nightblade/bard and another one more oriented to larger team play more focused on pure support, mostly bard with a splash of riftstalker and blade dancer.

I have some thoughts on other combinations also, perhaps not as regularly played roles but rather situational roles. But since it is so cheap and easy to play around with different souls and roles it will be worthwhile to experiment a bit here – which is definitely part of the fun here for me.

My rogue is now in early 20s and decided to visit Stonefield – there had been a brief visit of Droughtlands before that, but other than that most of the time had been in Freemarch. This included rifts and invasions from the Earth plane, which was a nice addition to the Death and Water rifts in Freemarch.

Stonefield presented some new creatures, including trolls-escaped-from-a-Peter-Jackson-movie and some giants and big birds. The landscape with its hills and mountains is pretty nice to wander in. Picking up some quests and also heading off to explore the area a bit I was pleased to see that I discovered some artifacts when I approched a quest location from the “wrong” direction. Had I taken the direct path to the location I would never have seen the artifacts.

Besides the joy of finding the artifacts I was also pleased clearly had put them there to reward those that did not follow the dotted quest line – there is hope that the developers want to make something more out of this game, despite complaints from some gamers about it being too similar to some other MMOs.

As with Freemarch, Stonefield also has a bunch of rifts and invasions and at one invasion time we ran into the big fellow above stomping around and trying to cause some havoc. I am sure he will be angry with me, but I cannot remember his name. I am sure I will see him again at some point though.

Sir, if you do not mind me saying this - but it looks like you have some kind of rash on your back

I had a little bit of time with the other characters I had created also, moving them along to the major city areas (Meridian and Sanctum). This was primarily to move them there so they could pick up and use the work event bonus mail that every character received before they might remove the world event stuff.

And of course rifts and invasions happened and I got distracted from my journey a bit 🙂

So far I have four characters, three on Defiant side and one on Guardian side. The Defiant side is also what the headline for this post is coming from; when I log in a Defiant character in Meridian there is always a text about Defiants must harness the power of technology to fight Regulos. While the Guardian side certainly is pretty and has some nice mobs, the elven area and the religious slant to the Guardian way does not really grab me (and yes, I do read quest texts and the extra lore info NPCs provide).

For now my focus will likely be on the Defiant characters, getting some new souls for them and  a mount. And of course sealing rifts and fighting invaders and do their share of exploration.

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  1. April 26, 2011 at 22:13

    I have a Rogue that I’ve been tinkering with. I’ve put most of my points into Nightshade, which has worked out quite well. His second soul was a Ranger, which means he does great damage in melee range and medium range, and OK damage at long range. However, his third soul is currently beastmaster, which is turning out to be almost useless. He kills things so quickly it’s almost never worth getting the pet out. I think I need to change it to Bard or something.

    And I agree, the Guardian side did not appeal to me much when I tried it. The Defiant have been to the future, they know that the Gaurdians are going to jack things up. The Gaurdians are just religious zealots that don’t want their enemies to have access to the same powers their gods grant them.

    • April 27, 2011 at 05:58

      Yes, the religious cult with elven flavour was a little bit too thick for my liking. Might play again there if I feel a need for some variation from the areas Defiants visit, but for now I will probably let it rest.

  2. coppertopper
    April 27, 2011 at 00:31

    Have you set your combat queue to full (its an option in settings that lets you queue up abilities – words may vary I’m at the sushi bar – sake!!!)?

    Also global cooldown in lowest on rogue (1 sec i think), highest on warrior (2 sec grrrrr!). So if rogue combat feels slow, not sure what to tell you.

    • April 27, 2011 at 06:13

      I did not know about queue settings, will have to check that out. The global cooldown on rogues might be more visually annoying than an issue in itself, depending on what you can configure with queue behaviour.

      There is no global cooldown in CoH and it is visually clear what is queued – it also has a queue depth of 1, but you can override whatever is there. Come to think of it, there is some auto-attack turned on also in Rift – may try to turn that off and see if that helps.

      Also in CoH if you are slightly turned the wrong way it will automatically turn you in the right direction.

      I just find CoH combat to work a bit smoother and be more visually clear what might be queued and if there is a distance issue at any given time.

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