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Harness the power of technology

April 26, 2011 4 comments

I played Rift a little bit more than I had planned this Easter weekend; it was pretty easy to get into exploring and running around closing rifts and fighting invasions, only to see that a fair amount of time had passed by. I should probably set up a timer.

Wardstone at Smith's Haven

On my rogue I played around with a couple of different soul combinations. I must say I was not particularly happy with the melee combat – being used to City of Heroes combat the melee combat felt like a downgrade. Right now I have put two roles that will try to continue building and probably add some more options later; one is aimed for solo/small team play with a mix of ranger/nightblade/bard and another one more oriented to larger team play more focused on pure support, mostly bard with a splash of riftstalker and blade dancer.

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City of Heroes – 7 years old

April 26, 2011 Comments off

On April 28th City of Heroes has its 7th anniversary, which is kicking off with a meet and greet with developers in-game. I am happy to see that they have something organized for both European side as well as North American side at reasonable times. Fortunately I am at home in Sweden this week, so might actually be able to make it to this event.

The game have had 2 expansions and 20 content updates over these 7 years, which I think is fairly ok. Sometimes it may have been a bit weak on new stuff but sometimes quite good.

I have noticed that the language used here have changed – City of Villains used to be called a separate MMO and the content updates used to be called expansions. I think it was roughly 1.5 -2 years ago they started to change that.

Further activities to celebrate the 7 years are going to happen in May, but for now they are kicking it off with this meet and greet. This is just in line with the game community I think, communication with the dev team is better than in most other MMOs I have played.

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