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A Rift peek

April 17, 2011 Comments off

This week I had a bit of extra game time available, so I decided maybe I should try out that new game Rift. Up to now I have mostly avoided reading much about it, seeing that I did not really wanted to jump into a fantasy game and if I tried it, I did not want to know too much about it.

So up to now I pretty much only knew that it had some kind of dynamic content called rifts and a supposedly flexible class system grouped in different souls.

I typically prefer if I can buy the game and download it directly. But seeing that Trion and Steam charged about 20 Euros more than a local store for the privilege of not getting a box and DVD, I decided to bite the bullet and get the game from a store here. That probably took less time to get than downloading the game anyway.

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Foundry start

April 17, 2011 2 comments

Recently I started to work a little bit on a mission in Foundry in Star Trek Online. While I generally like the toolset from an initial view, I have still hesitated a bit. I am not a bit Star Trek fan and do not have detailed knowledge on much of the Trek lore – if I do something I would like to keep it consistent with the general world set up.

Either way, I have started to work on a mission and similar to a few of my story arcs in City of Heroes Mission Architect, I used my existing characters as inspiration. Since I usually have some thought or idea what my characters are I have found this to be helpful to make up some kind of story.

Foundry mission editor

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