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Initial thoughts on Foundry vs Mission Architect

April 3, 2011 4 comments

Yesterday I played around a bit with The Foundry in Star Trek Online to get an initial feeling for the system. I also had a look at a number of the player-made video tutorials that Cryptic had referenced on their Foundry web pages. Most (all?) of that material comes from members of Starbase UGC, a web site dedicated to Foundry usage (author or player).

A quite nice site it seems and some very good material! There were a lot of tips and tricks to do things, which may not be obvious from the in-game system.

Overall I think The Foundry holds a lot of promise and seems to be in a decent shape. Is it better than Mission Architect? Yes and no, I would say. It depends whether you are an author or player and what you want to get out of it. For story-focused authoring I do think Foundry looks that it could be the better tool overall.

My time so far with Foundry is quite limited and I may certainly have missed a few things – if you see any blatant misunderstandings in the post below do leave a comment!

First of all a few observations about mission design approach.

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