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STO double rewards weekend

April 29, 2011 Comments off

This weekend Star Trek Online has a double rewards weekend – various skill points, merits, honor, emblems etc are all doubled. One has to pick up an item from Q to start this off in Earth Spacedock or Qo’Nos, see the link here. The item lasts 4 hours of real time, but can be picked up repeatedly from Q during the weekend.

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42 million characters…

April 29, 2011 2 comments

…have been created in City of Heroes since launch. There is a short article @ Kotaku about the 7 year anniversary of City of Heroes. With that is a few pictures with some trivia information about the game; including the headline for this post. Some fun information here, although not all surprising.

The producer letter for April also provides some news for upcoming content – new trials, new zone and all ties together in a bigger story.

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Praetorian invasion world event in May

April 29, 2011 Comments off

While Paragon Studios do not use the phrase “world event” I decided to borrow that from other games’ usage, since that is pretty much what it is – at least judging from earlier Rikti invasion events.

This time it is Preatorian Earth though, the alternate dimension Earth. There is a post with a bit of story text that points to that the invasion event will happen be ongoing between May 9th and May 27th and culminating with something extra on the 27th.

Big events are fun and I like the earlier invasions, so this could be fun!

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Global server access soon here

April 29, 2011 Comments off

When Paragon Studios announced that they were merging the server lists of European and North American servers for City of Heroes, they indicated that this would happen at the end of summer.

Now it seems that this work has gone quicker than expected, or they have relocated to the southern hemisphere – the merged server lists will happen next week on May 3rd. That is certainly good news! That means more servers to play on and that everyone playing the game can play together – still need to move/create characters on the same servers though.

Good job, Paragon Studios!

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Harness the power of technology

April 26, 2011 4 comments

I played Rift a little bit more than I had planned this Easter weekend; it was pretty easy to get into exploring and running around closing rifts and fighting invasions, only to see that a fair amount of time had passed by. I should probably set up a timer.

Wardstone at Smith's Haven

On my rogue I played around with a couple of different soul combinations. I must say I was not particularly happy with the melee combat – being used to City of Heroes combat the melee combat felt like a downgrade. Right now I have put two roles that will try to continue building and probably add some more options later; one is aimed for solo/small team play with a mix of ranger/nightblade/bard and another one more oriented to larger team play more focused on pure support, mostly bard with a splash of riftstalker and blade dancer.

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City of Heroes – 7 years old

April 26, 2011 Comments off

On April 28th City of Heroes has its 7th anniversary, which is kicking off with a meet and greet with developers in-game. I am happy to see that they have something organized for both European side as well as North American side at reasonable times. Fortunately I am at home in Sweden this week, so might actually be able to make it to this event.

The game have had 2 expansions and 20 content updates over these 7 years, which I think is fairly ok. Sometimes it may have been a bit weak on new stuff but sometimes quite good.

I have noticed that the language used here have changed – City of Villains used to be called a separate MMO and the content updates used to be called expansions. I think it was roughly 1.5 -2 years ago they started to change that.

Further activities to celebrate the 7 years are going to happen in May, but for now they are kicking it off with this meet and greet. This is just in line with the game community I think, communication with the dev team is better than in most other MMOs I have played.

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Oh captain my captain

April 25, 2011 1 comment

Yesterday I reached a milestone with my main character in Star Trek Online – he acquired the rank of Captain. So now it was time for a new ship and put away my old USS Grandville (a.k.a the golf ball) for a bit.

USS Grandville will rest for a bit

Instead it will be time to sail the vast seas of space with new USS Rama. I quite liked the golf ball looks, the new ship seems to be a bit closer to traditional space ship design in Federation Trek, but I am quite sure it will be fine.

Time for new adventures with USS Rama

Although a lot of people seem to level quite fast in the game, for me it has been a bit more low intensity play. Usually playing one or two episode missions, perhaps do some exploration missions. Almost after reaching the Captain rank I also reached Consul rank on the diplomacy side.

Lately I have also played a couple of Foundry missions. They have now added a “daily” mission which gives some experience and reward (scales with level) if one plays and completed 3 Foundry missions. The XP given seems to be twice of what the regular daily missions give, so essentially 2/3 of a daily per Foundry mission. Seems fairly ok to me and since there can be a different mission each time it is played I think it is a better option than repeating the same missions over and over. While I have not done much repetition (except perhaps the Save Deferi diplomatic mission) of missions, the story-focused missions started to thin out a bit.

Foundry mission Defector

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A Rift peek

April 17, 2011 Comments off

This week I had a bit of extra game time available, so I decided maybe I should try out that new game Rift. Up to now I have mostly avoided reading much about it, seeing that I did not really wanted to jump into a fantasy game and if I tried it, I did not want to know too much about it.

So up to now I pretty much only knew that it had some kind of dynamic content called rifts and a supposedly flexible class system grouped in different souls.

I typically prefer if I can buy the game and download it directly. But seeing that Trion and Steam charged about 20 Euros more than a local store for the privilege of not getting a box and DVD, I decided to bite the bullet and get the game from a store here. That probably took less time to get than downloading the game anyway.

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Foundry start

April 17, 2011 2 comments

Recently I started to work a little bit on a mission in Foundry in Star Trek Online. While I generally like the toolset from an initial view, I have still hesitated a bit. I am not a bit Star Trek fan and do not have detailed knowledge on much of the Trek lore – if I do something I would like to keep it consistent with the general world set up.

Either way, I have started to work on a mission and similar to a few of my story arcs in City of Heroes Mission Architect, I used my existing characters as inspiration. Since I usually have some thought or idea what my characters are I have found this to be helpful to make up some kind of story.

Foundry mission editor

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Initial thoughts on Foundry vs Mission Architect

April 3, 2011 4 comments

Yesterday I played around a bit with The Foundry in Star Trek Online to get an initial feeling for the system. I also had a look at a number of the player-made video tutorials that Cryptic had referenced on their Foundry web pages. Most (all?) of that material comes from members of Starbase UGC, a web site dedicated to Foundry usage (author or player).

A quite nice site it seems and some very good material! There were a lot of tips and tricks to do things, which may not be obvious from the in-game system.

Overall I think The Foundry holds a lot of promise and seems to be in a decent shape. Is it better than Mission Architect? Yes and no, I would say. It depends whether you are an author or player and what you want to get out of it. For story-focused authoring I do think Foundry looks that it could be the better tool overall.

My time so far with Foundry is quite limited and I may certainly have missed a few things – if you see any blatant misunderstandings in the post below do leave a comment!

First of all a few observations about mission design approach.

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