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The Foundry is live

March 31, 2011

Coming home back to Sweden today I noticed when I checked if thee had been any game updates of the MMOs I play that The Foundry is now live!

I played around with it briefly in the beta, but decided to wait for the live release – which is now here. I loved to make story arc missions in City of Heroes Mission Architect and I am quite curious to see how this feature works out.

Cryptic has put up a nice web page for The Foundry with a trailer, some basic getting started info and also some player made tutorials and highlighted missions.

But before jumping in to create some missions I jumped into the game to see what was already there. I tried some of the player created missions and also signed up as a reviewer. Before missions are released to the general public a mission has to be reviewed and completed a number of times. This is good, both for perhaps finding content that would violate any rules that have been set up, but I think also to give some additional eyes to find issues/bugs with missions and give suggestions.

This is something I think Mission Architect would have benefited from. There were a number of missions available  in the game, but not the huge explosion of missions found through Mission Architect. I believe they had not enabled any ability to move mission content from the beta to the live system, so I guess it now would be a matter of people recreating the missions they had started with in beta.

My favourite of the missions I played so far was “When the War Began” – starting as fight/rescue operation to New Australia, which had been invaded by Romulans. Some good humor and fun to play and some of the features included made me quite eager to try to think of some missions to make myself.

When the War Began -player created mission

It turned out also that this mission is also just the first part of a bigger story arc. There were a couple of these that I saw in the mission list also  stories/missions spanning multiple missions in the list.

Another thing that I like about Foundry is also that the missions are available from the same interface as all the other missions and thus just as easy to access. This is another thing I felt Mission Architect could do better – it is more cumbersome to do the MA missions, unless one dedicates specific sessions and agrees with people beforehand to do them.

Anyway, I had justa brief look at it so far on the live system, but I think it is looking good and promising so far!

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  1. April 2, 2011 at 03:22

    I stopped playing City of Heroes well before the Mission Architect, so I’m very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts about how the Foundry compares.

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