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And so they were 13

March 20, 2011

This Friday I got my 13th character to max level, in City of Heroes – Wolf Sente, my Arachnos Bane soldier.

Wolf Sente is almost 3 years old now, I think. He was one of the two characters I created when the villain epic archetypes were released. The other one, my arachnos widow Tatiana, reach max level after about a month – very fast for a slow leveler like me. But Wolf has been more normal speed and so now finally reached the max level.

The last two levels were very quick, doing two task/strike forces roughly one hour each. A bit more playtime on Saturday and he now is also alpha slotted and has his first incarnate ability slotted as well.

He has been very fun to play lately, but was not always so. A big part of that problem was my power selection and slotting, which was a bit unfocused. Taking a step back and thinking more about how I wanted to play him and what was available to me I respec:ed him and now got a build which is more fun to play.

At some point I will probably look at my Archnos Widow also and see what I can improve, although she is fairly ok as it is. But it gives a good amount of satisfaction to take a character you have be able to make it noticeably more fun/better than it were before, through different power and slotting choices.

Taking an action screenshot with just the right amount of action is not easy, especially in an effect intense game like City of Heroes. Some day I will succeed...

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