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A genuine email?

March 8, 2011 Comments off

Today when I looked into one of my web-emails, I noticed that I had received an email potentially is a genuine email from Blizzard.

I do get a few scam emails per week from fake Blizzards trying to get my WoW account information – I do not see them anymore, since they end up in the spam folder automatically. But suddenly I see an email that did not end up in spam folder and that also actually seems to know that I have not played World of Warcraft for quite a while – 5+ years and counting.

So it offers 7 days of free game time to try out the game again. I will pass on that.

7 consecutive days is not really much time in practice for me, since I would probably only be able to play a bit during 2-3 days of those at best – if the game download is quick and smooth.

Except for maybe the Dungeon Finder there was not really anything listed that would make me interested in playing this game rather than some other fantasy MMO, but I do find it a  bit amusing that they managed to include my email in a marketing campaign. Last time I got an email about returning back was a few years ago, around the time of their first expansion if memory serves me.

Maybe when they get an unlimited or long free trial or follow the footsteps of DDO, LOTRO, Champions or EQ2X will there be a time to see what what the state of the game is.

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