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City of Heroes animal pack

February 24, 2011 Comments off

Yesterday the newest booster pack for City of Heroes, which is called the Animal Pack. As the name implies it includes a number of costume pieces (60+) for a couple of different animal types,  two new auras and a new sprint power Рbeast run. The latter supposedly have the same characteristics as Ninja Run (from an earlier booster pack), but is more about running on all four in this case.

Opinions seem to be the usual mix; people who think it is great and will buy it right away as well as people who think it is a waste of developer effort when there are more important things to spend time on (insert favourite/desired feature here). And then there is of course the crowd that says that everything was better in the old days when these things were included in the subscription fee and that they will never succumb to Paragon Studios’ greed (note that only get 40% of a Sparkle Pony in another game for this price).

Of these three groups I think both #1 and #2 are correct and hence the approach does make sense – #3 has to live with that. Group #1 are willingly paying for that extra effort that #2 would not want the developers to spend time on anyway. Thus the developers actually can spend this extra time that only the subscription might not cover (in theory). In practice I think these extra packs pay for more than the effort to make them – whether that goes into the pockets of some stock holders/investors and/or into the game is another question.

Personally I will pass on the Animal pack, I think. I just have not had the urge to create any animal characters, not in City of Heroes at least (I do like EQ2 ratongas though…).

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