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Earthrise launched

February 6, 2011 3 comments

February 4th was the launch day for Earthrise, but already a few days ahead it was possible to buy and download the game client. This worked quite well, smooth downloade followed by a patch later.

Come launch day, not everything went so smooth. My game key activated, but my special item key for buying before launch day did not activate. Looking at the forums, there seem to be a fair amount of people that had trouble with their keys and Earthrise support.

On to the game itself. Character creation is kind of ok, nothing spectacular, but enough so that not everyone looks alike – although with all the equipment added one does not see that much of the different characters… And the portrait in the character view on the screen does not look at all like the character itself, I guess there is just a generic picture there now.

At start the character is woken up in a facility (re-vesseled). There are some initial mission steps to get some armor equipped and then time to teleport out into the world. The character start on what seems to be an isolated island (seems to be a common theme for newbie zones in MMOs) and there are a couple of missions to get familiar with the different weapon types available.

Time to head to weapons training

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