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The Strike Pack is live

February 2, 2011 Comments off

The City of Heroes Strike Pack is now live. This is a smaller update in between issues, that opens up for further enhancements of the alpha slot for max level characters, including the ability to build rare and very rare incarnate alpha slot abilities. Acquiring the necessary pieces to make these rare and very rare abilities are then facilitated by the new weekly strike target.

The weekly strike target will grant a character double reward merits and bonus XP (if you are not max level) the first time it is run that week. For max level characters with the alpha slot unlocked it will also give a special component to create these new rare and very rare abilities.

The first strike target for this week is Stateman’s Task Force and Lord Recluse’s Strike Force. Despite having played the game for more than 4 years, I have actually never done either of these two task/strike forces. Probably a mix of often fairly short play sessions, plus that people in general have¬†gravitated¬†towards a few other task/stike forces that have been easier/quicker to do.

This approach do sound that Paragon Studios will introduce more incentives for people to vary their task/strike force choices a bit more – which I think is great.

Imperious Task force is a nice one, but I do not want to run that one 90% of the time I am in the mode for a task/strike force…

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