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January 23, 2011

The number of MMOs I am playing right now have been piling up – currently I have been swapping between five different ones in the past two weeks or so:

  • Fallen Earth
  • Star Trek Online
  • City of Heroes
  • Wurm Online
  • DC Universe Online

Each one have only had a small chunk of time (maybe a bit more for Fallen Earth), but for most of them it has worked out pretty well.

Fallen Earth

A couple of weeks ago Icarus Studios sent out an email with a come-back-and-play offer, giving a slightly reduced initial fee. I played Fallen Earth from release, but did not end up playing paticularly much, even though I really liked the crafting part. There were a few other things that annoyed me with the game and I dropped the subscription. I do not remember exactly when I left, but it seemed anyway that there had gone enough time to merit a look again.

So I jumped in and started a new character – and I have had a blast so far! While I do not remember all the details of the previous time in the game, I do have a feeling that there has been a few changes. The tutorial might have been shortened or changed a bit, I have a feeling there were some more pieces which were not there. The starting area for focus on crafting was also different. Now it was a place called Midway, before I think it was South Burb, if I recall correctly.

The starter area gave a much better experience than I remember from the previous time, more smooth and well paced with missions to start off the characters.  I picked most of the missions in the beginning to get as many crafting instruction books as I could and this worked out well. Initially there is a slightly tired old horse that one gets for transport. After a while I remembered that I have had a pre-order horse with my other, old character. I remembered back then that I think it was just for use once, for one character. But I tried the code anyway and it worked! This horse was substantially better than the starter horse, so that was a welcome upgrade.

I moved on to Odenville and did most of the missions there and then moved on, seeing that there were a number of places where I probably outleveled the missions – which is fine. I have started to mix in a bit more exploring and have been horsing around a bit in the area, firing off a few crafts every now and then so there is something being crafted most of the time.

I downloaded the Fallen Earth application for Android also to have a look at it. While it seems to have some ok features, the responsiveness of the interface was awful. Might try again if they upgrade it, but for now I will leave that one alone.

I did shout "Fore!", honest!

Star Trek Online

In Star Trek Online the missions are called Episodes; this fits quite well with how I play the game often. I log in play an episode or two, maybe do a bit of crafting if I have collected enough anomalies. I think this works out well, especially with a mix of MMOs as I have now.

I said we were going to get purple gear, not purple...stuff

This weekend I finished the remaining two episodes I have from the first Featured series, The Breen.  A bug in the fourth episode had stopped progress on that before, but I figured that the bug probably have been fixed by now – there has at been updates since I last tried it. And it definitely worked now. It was a nice one and fun to play. I think I liked the second series slightly better though, but it was still a quite good one.

City of Heroes

As I posted before, I put in the final effort to get my elec/elec stalker Dr Charge to reach max level. Besides that I have played a little bit here and there with a few characters. My Bane soldier has started to look for some IO sets (he is level 42) and some future slotting will be based on some of that planning. Of my 12 level 50 characters there is only 1 character with a serious effort of IO sets slotted and a couple of other with some IO sets, but not much.

One of the team activities that I have started to do more reguarly is the Rikti Mothership raid. On my server there is one organized every Sunday evening and quite often I have participated with one character. It is a bit of chaotic mayhem, but it is pretty fun and does not take so much time – typically less than an hour. So it is a good Sunday activity.

Rikti Mothership Raid mayhem

Wurm Online

I have played Wurm a little bit every day, but mainly just doing a little bit of farming. I started to dig a bit in a nearby hill to see if I could get to rock surface, so I could mine a bit. Progress is not going so well without some iron and I have by now pretty much used up my spare supply that I collected from the public mine near the Howl. My shovel is a bit low on quality, so I might need to get a better one to improve my digging skills. In order to actaully get to rock surface I very much suspect that digging skill needs to be improved significantly. Right now it is just at a bit over 12, which is not particularly high.

DC Universe Online

Last week on the 19th DC Universe Online was released here in Sweden, a bit later than some other places. So for the weekend I picked up the game for the PS3. While the game looks pretty nice, the controls and interface have been a bit of a struggle with some parts. It might work out better once I get used to it a bit more, but so far I do not think I will continue to play for the game after the initial 30 days which are included. The missions and content have simply not been that interesting. I guess the game tries to appeal to either a bit younger audience than me and/or fans of DC comics.

It seems to me that I am supposed to be awestruck by the fact that I team up with or against a few different characters in some cases, which I guess are comic book characters. I had heard of Catwoman (from some movie reference), but the Huntress was an unfamiliar character to me. I got the impression that I was supposed to think it was cool to be in a mission with both of them fighting each other.

I will have to see when a month has gone by, but right now DC Universe Online is at the 3rd place in my list of superhero MMOs top 3.

  1. January 24, 2011 at 00:14

    I had the same feelings about Fallen Earth, I returned for a free week last year and really enjoyed the game. I did marvel in how much it had changed since beta and launch. Sadly haven’t had the chance to renew my subscription but it would be one of many I would pay a month fee for.

    Don’t forget that Double XP weekend in COH coming up, always handy for a fast rise through the lower levels for your next toon. 🙂

  2. January 24, 2011 at 18:49

    CoH double XP is definitely in the plans for next weekend:)

    The camp/house construction path in Fallen Earth got me to think about my ranger in old SWG also. So far I have only seen there are various camps you can create, but I am curious what more will be there.

  3. January 25, 2011 at 01:52

    I’ve been meaning to try Fallen Earth, it looks like an interesting game. It sounds like now might be a better time to jump into it than launch was.

  4. January 25, 2011 at 21:55

    Yes, I think it is definitely a better time now. They do have a free trial, although I do not remember what the limitations are for that.

  5. February 1, 2011 at 22:39

    As a recent returnee to Fallen Earth, I can attest to it being in much better shape than when I left a few months ago. The big draw to the game for me is the immersion – the post-apoc U.S. setting “works”, and the missions/stories are really well done.

    The newbie experience was most definitely streamlined; there used to be 9 starting towns, they’ve pared that back to three. They all still exist (although Boneclaw had a serious event happen to it – go check it out!), though.

    Fair warning that the combat system is undergoing a three-part overhaul (of which I believe 2 pieces are complete), so PvE is no longer the “grab two melee weapons, run into a pack of mobs and laugh” – you will die if you overextend. The last part (I think) of the combat changes are due some time in February.

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