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Millions of minecrafters

January 17, 2011 Comments off

If you play and/or follow the game Minecraft, you have probably seen that Minecraft has passed 1 million premium (paid) accounts and have more than 3 million registered users. That is pretty impressive I think.

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City of Heroes loyalty rewards

January 17, 2011 Comments off

Paragon Studios has made an announcement that they offer a special 7 year loyalty offering for all customers that have an active City of Heroes account for the whole time between February 1st and April 19th.

That Champions Online soon activates their “F2P” update and that DC Universe Online has recently been released is of course pure coincidence.

Well, Paragon Studios have nothing to worry from my side. I do not particularly care about this special reward, but I have no plans to stop playing City of Heroes even though I might play some of these other MMOs also. I also pay for the game 6 months at a time. So I am already covered until summer time anyway.

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