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Worldy vs gamey quotes

January 16, 2011

Recently in a blog post Raph Koster asked for simple oneliners why worldy MMOs would be better than gamey MMOs, since there was some funny oneliners in support of gamey MMOs in a different discussion.

Richard Bartle provided one answer there, which I think was a bit amusing:

Games are for Dorothy, worlds are for Alice.

Or, more formally, as I pointed out in my player types paper, there are three non-null stable configurations of players. One of these has socialisers dominant (Wendy worlds, like Second Life); one has achievers dominant (Dorothy worlds, like EverQuest); one has a balance between all types (Alice worlds, like Ultima Online).

If you want this summed up as pithy, insulting one-liners:
Game MMOs are for people who haven’t grown up.
World MMOs are for people who don’t want to grow up.
Social worlds are for people for whom growing up didn’t work out.

The paper Mr Bartle referred to is also a good read I think, if one has not read it before. It talks about the sandbox & themepark (worldy & gamey, Alice & Dorothy, pick your choice of words) mix of gameplay.

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