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Earthrise or fall

January 16, 2011

Just before the weekend Masthead Studios released another beta footage video from Earthrise, which of course led to some at least semi-heated discussion on the Earthrise forums and some less than nice comments elsewhere.

I think the environments themselves looks pretty ok, which is also generally what people say when they say something positive about it. But animations and indications of a less than smooth running of the game have had people tear this thing apart.

The video certainly shows improvements from the previous one they released. The information around the video was somewhat short:

The new beta video showcases dynamic footage of PvE and PvP combat, and displays new areas of Enterra including Sal Vitas square, Seyeen and the Cascade Mountains. The video also presents weapons like the Shielding Device, Leadership Device, the T5 Core Flamer, and many more.

I do think Masthead is struggling a bit to have things working to the release date, so it is most likely not going to be very polished and probably some mentioned features will be missing. In particular since their comments around any open beta has been along “not decided yet” and “no info yet” even a month before release, which leads me to think that they are more pressing issues that a try-before-you-buy open beta, or even a stress-test open beta – the latter is more worrying in that case.

But I am more interested in see how the story elements, exploration, crafting and gameplay in general turns out than how awesome PvP will be, so will still pick up the title to see what it has now and how playable it is. Then maybe continue or let it rest for a while.

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  1. Luk
    January 16, 2011 at 18:52

    I like the sci-fi look and feel of this game, very space marine like.
    Let’s hope the game will be finished and polished on its release, because anything less will kill it faster than you can say APB.

    Is it me of the female avatar in the beta game video above has an even bigger booty than seen on rapper videos?

  2. January 16, 2011 at 20:27

    I do not expect it to be completely finished and polished. If it would be, I would expect a bit more in the marketing department.

    I think key is though if it is in a somewhat playable and enjoyable state, even if not everything is in place or perfect. And how well they handle transition into a live system – various managment skills and keeping good procedures in place will be key.

    I also like the look of it, reminds a bit about Tabula Rasa. But I expect the gameplay to be a bit different. There seem to be a number of SWG veterans (before NGE and CU) that have hopes for this title as a sort of SWG2.

    I think that would be great. Original SWG was not perfect, but it had some really nice things about it (if you ignore some bugs and some grind) and Earthrise do seem to have a potential to fill that spot from a gameplay perspective.

    • January 17, 2011 at 15:44

      Not even close actually. I was honestly a little surprised to see that the initial video they had to show off featured VAST expanses of… nothing… I mean why would you even market that?

      • January 17, 2011 at 20:12

        Because you do not have a marketing department or someone working with that. People that think honesty (show something we have working right now) is the best approach.

        Much impression is that there may not be so much in terms of marketing filter or marketing pre-processing of information they release.

        I suspect you would see a lot like that from many other companies if you just had a development organisation communicate directly with the potential customers.

        I am really curious how they will handle updates/changes/bugs right after release, both in terms of actually implemening it, as well as collecting information and communicating what they are doing.

  1. January 16, 2011 at 12:01
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