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Next game to try – Earthrise

January 12, 2011 4 comments

While most of the blogosphere (at least those I tend to look at/read) seem to have their eyes towards Rift, my current plans for new & shiny MMO is instead Earthrise. The game is scheduled for release on February 4th.

I have been popping in to their web site on and off since the game was announced and my interest and enthusiasm has gone up and down.

The game is a sandbox game in the sense that pretty much everything is player-made, guilds/clans can own and control land, build houses etc. The game has free-for-all PvP with looting, but also an insurance system to allow players to keep their valuable stuff. A bounty hunter system has also been mentioned where victims can place short-term bounties on their killers. There also seem to be some consequences if you go after your own faction.

It seems combat has some similarities to Tabula Rasa with a sticky target mechanic, will have to see how this works.

There is no level progression with XP, only skills to advance.  Skill advancement is done through PvE, not PvP. There is some element of offline progression also, but not for normal skills as I understand it.

Crafting skill progression seem to be more towards being able to make things faster or in better ways than limiting what you can craft. Vehicles and mechs can be crafted, mechs can have different purpose.

There are story-oriented missions as well as repeatable standard fare missions it seems. The game will release with a single world for all players and be subscription-based it seems.

The game seem to be a sandbox with a splash of themepark and with a PvE+PvP mix I am not sure I would like or dislike. If nothing else it has made me quite curious about it – what will be in place when they release and how will it work out? This interests me more than some big budget game with lots of polish as it is now, perhaps because I want to do mix up my existing themepark:ish gameplay with more sandbox type gameplay.

There is also some concerns around the release; the developer Masthead Studios have been very quiet lately, no info about dropping NDA or any indication if/when there will an open beta and that with about three weeks left to the release.

While it is probably not handled as bad as Chronicles of Spellborn’s release, it is still a bit worrying.

With its SciFi post-apocalyptic theme and a sandbox/themepark mix it could perhaps complete for the same target audience as Fallen Earth. The theme is certainly is more attractive to me than any typical fantasy offerings out there.


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