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Champions Online revamp release date

January 11, 2011 2 comments

A recent email from Cryptic announced that their payment model revamp of the game (also referred to as “F2P”) will be released on January 25th, i.e. in 2 weeks from now.

Information about this revamp can be found here.

As a lifetimer of the game the payment model update is not really affecting me, other than that I will start to receive Cryptic points to spend in the C-store. But the do seem to make some content updates that may be interesting though.

Also I do wonder if they will still let the cryptic points be shared between Champions Online or split in different types, same as Turbine did with LOTRO and DDO. The probably separate them, otherwise it would be nice to spend some in STO and others in CO – neither game has enough in their C-stores that would make me use all these points, at least as it is now.

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