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Villain and Hero incarnate – the beginning

December 6, 2010 2 comments

City of Heroes Issue 19 introduced the Incarnate system – an alternate advancement system for max level characters in the game.

Originally Incarnate was in the City of Heroes lore referring to two indivuduals, Statesman and Lord Recluse, who drank from the Well of Furies and through that action were infused by the power of the gods and significantly more powerful than humans or even other superpowered beings.

After that, the lore has extended it a bit and a few other key NPCs are also considered incarnates (Imperious, Reichsman, Tyrant, Hero 1), although some of them are alternate reality versions of the same person (Statesman).

For the incarnate system, the lore has expanded a bit further and now provides an explanation for how the players can become incarnates themselves, but without actually drinking from the Well of Furies. This alternate approach is a slower path, but safer.

Ouroburos in the future

Ouroburos in the future

The incarnate system includes 10 different slots, that step-by-step will be introduced into the game. For issue 19 this means that one of the slots are made available, the Alpha slot. Other slots will come later.

The 10 incarnate slots are called Alpha, Judgement, Interface, Lore, Destiny, Hybrid, Genesis, Stance, Vitae and Omega. The names do imply that each slot will provide a different type of functionality; it will not all be the same.

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